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Shiraz Maher on Capitalism and the West
Oct 28th, 2002, 11:06 AM
The Godfather

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Stu,I think an assessment of the reality of Capitalism reveals that it is this system and its supporters which are the real fanatics.We have seen the West wage war after war, launch attack after attack and colonise land after land all in the quest to acquire resources, secure interests and achieve material benefits. Indeed, it is the west who is fanatical - killing for greed, raping for interests and pillaging for her own benefits. The basis of action in the west is self interest and greed, whilst the source of its legislation is the mind. In Islam actions are based on the Shariah and legislation is from the Supreme - Allah (swt).In addition to your other question regarding the economic system of Islam I refer you to The Economic System of Islam - From the adopted books of Hizb ut Tahrir.An examination of the Islamic system will reveal that it is nothing like the Communist system - rather it is a unique system, unlike anything man made dispensing the justice and harmony of the Creator of mankind - Allah (swt).

Kind Regards,

Shiraz Maher


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