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Shiraz Maher on International Order

Sep 11th, 2002, 07:18 AM
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Assalam u Alaikum my dear brothers and sisters,On 8 September, Musharraf in a speech at Harvard University in America called upon a shared vision between the Islamic Ummah and the West. He said, "We must create a new international order based on a universally-shared vision of justice, fair play and mutual respect in which we are all partners and participants ... We must ensure that the Islamic world and the West are allies in combating terrorism, and do not at any stage turn into antagonists confronting each other ..." What is Musharraf talking about a "universally-shared vision"? In today's world even the Western nations, who share the same ideology at least, do not have shared visions. Currently, the competing Western colonialists are squabbling amongst themselves over America's crusade against Iraq, due to conflicting material interests. In truth, there never will be a shared vision because the Western dominated international order is not about justice and fair play but rather the naked pursuit of material interests. As such so-called fair play is an arena where the strong compete to feed upon the weak. Also, the so-called justice is the legalising of exploitation by the leading nation and its strongest, Western competitors. And the actions of other nations in demanding their rights, or defending their lands or fighting occupation, are 'unjust' or 'oppressive.' Clearly, these nations are not partners or participants, but rather victims and targets. So American invasion and devastation of Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan is just, whereas fighting the occupation of the West's Jewish and Hindu allies is terrorism. In the light of this, Musharraf's words are only to persuade Muslims to abandon all their rights and submit completely to all the "justice" and "fair play" of the Western crusaders, for fear of not being called antagonists and terrorists. The real vision for the Muslims is to re-establish the Khilafah so as to bring about true adl (justice), liberating the world from the awful tyranny of a handful of greedy colonialist states.

Shiraz Maher


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