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Shiraz Maher on Jews
Mar 23rd, 2004, 06:13 PM
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To call for the killing of Jews everywhere is a violation of the Islamic shariah. Therefore, Hizb ut Tahrir has never called for the killing of Jews everywhere. We are one of the few organisations in the Muslim world that has been at pains to meet with non-Muslims, including Jews, in order to explain our vision for them in an Islamic state. You may remember the recent bombings in Turkey at synogogues. You should ask yourself, how did Jews arrive in Turkey? It was because they fled seeking protection from Muslims because of the persecution being inflicted on them by western Europe. Traditionally Jews fled to the Islamic state (during the 'dark ages') because Europe persecuted them so badly. Read the history of what Charlemagne (charles the great) used to do to them. As Muslims, we were obliged to care for them under the state.Therefore, this idea that Hizb ut Tahrir has called for the killing of Jews is a misnoma and misrepresentation, spread only by the media. As a party, we do not undertake material actions, but are instead an ideological political party which seeks to create change in the Muslim world through challenging discourse, and by debating thoughts and ideas. We do not call for Jihad as we see this as being a violation of the shariah in establishing the Khilafah. If you believe we are wrong, you are entitled to this opinion. But you should come out and debate this point. On what basis have we errored? Which Islamic evidences support this view?Was salaam u alaikum,

Shiraz Maher


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