Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shiraz Maher on Oppression of Muslims

Shiraz Maher
Jan 17th, 2003, 10:09 AM
Peace and blessings of Allah, be upon the followers of the divine revelation.It is clear that Muslims who present Islam as an ideological alternative to the west must now fear the state apparatus for merely carrying ideas in a peaceful and political fashion. The colonialist west recognises that her interests are undermined by the sincere work of the da'wah carriers. For years now she has encouraged her agents in the Muslim lands to crack down on, imprison, persecute and torture those that call for Islam. Yet, all such attempts have failed and whilst the butcher of Tashkent, Karimov, continues to detain some 10,000 Muslims for merely carrying Islam ideologically the Ummah is queing up to undertake this work. The haq can and will never be intimidated nor stopped by the batil.Disillusioned at the failure of her agents to supress the Islamic da'wah we now see the colonialist states taking direct action against the Hizb. Despite vain attempts to slander the hizb and associate her name with terrorism the German government much like the Uzbek, Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian administrations has failed to show demonstrate any such link. Islam is the only ideological solution to capitalist exploitation and hegemony. Unfortunately even the supposedly democratic west - the bastion of liberal democracy and free speech - now fears this growing and upstoppable call. The silence is about to break..."And (remember) when the disbelievers plotted against you (O Muhammad SAW) to imprison you, or to kill you, or to get you out (from your home, i.e. Makkah); they were plotting and Allâh too was planning, and Allâh is the Best of the planners."


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