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Shiraz Maher on Violence

Shiraz Maher
Jan 21st, 2003, 06:08 PM
Perhaps it has escaped the attention of those amongst you who post without reading the other posts or only read what they want to. Let me clarify

1) The hizb was not working for nor does it work to establish khilafah in the non-Muslim lands. It concentrates it political struggle in the Muslim lands. Our work in the non-Muslim lands is to interact with the Muslim community and preserve the Islamic culture. To invite the Muslims to carry the da'wah and achieve the fard of working to establish khilafah and to interface with the non-Muslims in order to invite them to Islam, an obligation on all Muslims.

2) The Hizb regards violence as a violation of the Islamic shariah (law) in re-establishing the khilafah. Never has any terrorist or militarist label been proven against the Hizb quite simply because we do not engage in such spheres.

3) Hizb ut Tahrir is an Islamic political party whose struggle is limited to the political and intellectual spheres. The nature of her ideological call has instilled great fear in the hearts of the kuffar who know that the batil will perish in the face of the haq.

Peace to the followers of the divine revelation,Shiraz


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