Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Radhieka Pandeya's Critique of Shiraz Maher

I found the following article by the journalist Radhieka Pandeya which quotes from this website on the More 4 News website.

Our readers may find it interesting so I have reproduced it in full:

I am really sorry for this rather long posting, but I was really upset by the quality of a More4 News report on Friday – I don't know if any of you saw it. I thought that it was a lot of innuendo and allegations, without much substance. After watching the piece by a guy called Shiraz Maher I thought I'd "Google" him and do some more research about him.

It seems like when he was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir [no-platformed by the NUS] he tried to be somewhat of an agent provocateur [e.g. when Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher (no relation of his) was attacked in Jerusalem, Maher suggested that she should have been killed]. Apparently, when he initially wanted to join, he was turned down by the organisation.

However, he now seems to have made a complete U-turn on all issues. I don't have a problem with people changing their minds and deciding that one organisation or another isn't quite right for them. Many people leave different groups and move on because of this.

However, with Maher's complete U-turn, I smell a rat. This seems even more likely as I detected that Maher has attempted to remove many of his previous articles from the web – a lot of these quotes can only be found cached by search engines – the original links have been removed.


"Hizb ut-Tahrir is, after all, ostensibly non-violent and committed to open discussion, so can it really be that dangerous? I suggest that it is…Hizb ut-Tahrir is no paper tiger. It is a revolutionary movement seeking to overthrow governments in the Muslim world, establish a caliphate and then wage jihad on other nations." [Times Higher Education Supplement]


"What is it that you fear so much about the Hizb and her call? The Hizb has never engaged in violence against any regime. Rather our struggle is intellectual and political. The words of truth are what cause the tyrants fear and sleeplessness - what scares you so much?"[]


"Exiled members who have regrouped in the UK have used the freedoms afforded to them here to seek to springboard their recruits and ideas back into the Muslim world. The effects have been felt most acutely in Pakistan, to which scores of British recruits, born and raised here, have returned since the late 1990s to propagate the party's message and incite the army to sedition."[Times Higher Education Supplement]


"The vast majority of our members reside in the Muslim world and you may have read reports in the press that when the Hizb launched itself in Pakistan they were shocked to find so many people speaking with thick cockney (London) accents. This is because to initiate the da'wah in those lands a number of UK based brothers packed their bags and moved to Pakistan in order to help the da'wah. Alhamdulillah, their efforts have worked with a large body now being built within Pakistan. My only reason for mentioning this is to illustrate that the scope of our work is in the Muslim world and that a number of our members from the west do return their in order to pursue the da'wah."[]


"This represents a very serious challenge for liberal democracies like ours and, whatever the response, we simply can't allow extremist groups to use our freedoms to destroy us. As al-Qaeda ideologies take root among Europe's Muslim communities, we need to find a way of uprooting this. A ban, in my opinion, would be the only effective measure." [Email on Harry's Place, Feb 26 2006]

"While Hizb ut-Tahrir continues to mobilise British Muslims in pursuit of its cause, its threat to global security cannot be understated. Silencing the party is, therefore, not simply a debate about free speech or criminalising alternative opinions. It is about protecting ourselves, and our allies, from the excesses of a totalitarian Islamic movement with grand ambitions."[Times Higher Education Supplement]


"Disillusioned at the failure of her agents to suppress the Islamic da'wah we now see the colonialist states taking direct action against the Hizb. Despite vain attempts to slander the Hizb and associate her name with terrorism the German government much like the Uzbek, Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian administrations has failed to show demonstrate any such link. Islam is the only ideological solution to capitalist exploitation and hegemony. Unfortunately even the supposedly democratic west - the bastion of liberal democracy and free speech - now fears this growing and unstoppable call."[]


"After the 7/7 terrorist attacks, Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani President, reacted angrily to suggestions that his country was somehow failing in its obligations to help defeat terrorism. He responded that the British Government "should have done what they have been demanding of us to do - to ban extremist groups like they asked us to do here in Pakistan". Mr Musharraf's comments underscore a painful reality. With terrorists being just as likely to emerge from the suburbs of Leeds as they are from the madrassas of Lahore, defeating extremism requires a global response. The Government must therefore accept that it has a responsibility to the international community, which means taking action at home, where the mobilisation of British Muslims constitutes the new front line."


[On Musharraf] "What a spineless chump."[]

"This only highlights Musharraf's ignorance about Islam and his relentless crusade against it."[]


Look at the quotes now – I can't believe that someone who said these things just a year or two ago, has now fallen in love with Western foreign policy, believes in the "war on terror" and supports draconian legislation.

Once again, I smell a rat…

"This latest scandal provides an insight at how the West's foreign policy is sold to the public by deceit, lies and deception, guided only by pragmatic interests."[]

"Whilst the west continues to propagate the ridiculous notion of freedom the paradox will continue where the UK has the harshest anti-drug laws in Europe whilst maintaining the highest consumption rates of both soft and hard drugs. Despite how widespread this problem becomes, Muslims must continue to adhere solely to the Islamic ideology and reject western concepts."[Khilafah Magazine October 2003 Edition]

"We should note that the disastrous fruits of western civilisation are a direct result of the Capitalist system. With its preaching’s running contrary to the nature of man it is no wonder that the western societies have begun to decay and are distinguished by characteristics such as rape, paedophilia, prostitution, drug addiction, hooliganism and crime."[ Journal September 2002 Edition]

"How can Muslims believe in such a misleading concept as freedom? No Muslim should think that they are free. Rather, you are limited, weak and needy - bound by the limitations and confines of Allah (swt)'s Shariah."[]

"I think an assessment of the reality of Capitalism reveals that it is this system and its supporters which are the real fanatics. We have seen the West wage war after war, launch attack after attack and colonise land after land all in the quest to acquire resources, secure interests and achieve material benefits. Indeed, it is the west who is fanatical - killing for greed, raping for interests and pillaging for her own benefits. The basis of action in the west is self interest and greed, whilst the source of its legislation is the mind."[]

"Myth: Jihad is only defensive. A distortion that is promoted is the idea that Jihad is only defensive. The protagonists of this idea again utilise certain misinterpretations to justify their positions… Indeed the Prophet took part in thirteen expeditions and eleven major battles in which he took the initiative and launched offensive action. Likewise of the 51 Sariyah (campaigns), 39 were offensive. How can one say, therefore, that Jihad is only defensive?"[]

"The brothers should not have just stopped at beating him, they should have killed him." [Comment posted following an attack on the Egyptian Foreign Minister][]

"I've never heard any martyr say that they are fighting Jihad for the sake of 72 virgins. Thats how the western kaffir press likes to portray the noble mujahideen just because their whole society and life revolves around sex. You need to stop taking everything verbatim that fox news feeds you."[]

"America has celebrated the deaths of thousands of people throughout the last century. It alone has butchered and massacred more people than any other nation - so save the emotional rhetoric. Muslims will never feel sorrow for the invading colonialists and their imperial ambitions. Forget the hypocrisy - you have celebrated death time and time again. Remaining US troops must now get off the Muslim lands or face the same fate. Indeed Ramadhan is a month in which the noble Sahabhi enjoyed many victories by the grace of Allah (swt). Long may the heroic resistance continue."[]

"In the month of Ramadhan - the month of victory - May Allah (swt) punish the disbelieving soldiers, May He (swt) make Iraq a graveyard for them and their colonialist plans and may He (swt) punish them by our hands and heal the hearts of the believers."[]